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Satori acquires a division of Thommen

Satori acquires a division of the famous Swiss equipment manufacturer Thommen

On June 1, 2016 Satori, a French company with more than 30 years of specialist experience in the repair and overhaul of aviation parts, announced that its new Swiss subsidiary Sathom has signed a historic agreement with Thommen Aircraft Equipment. Sathom has purchased from the renowned Swiss equipment manufacturer its precision instrument activity. This activity has been serving civil and military aircraft since 1936.

Satori, based at Le Bourget airport, has also just strengthened its presence in the UAE with the purchase of FP Aeroparts, a specialized aviation parts trading company located in the Jebel Ali Free zone close to the major aerospace manufacturers.

An active member of the GIFAS, Satori is now responsible for the manufacture and repair of the complete range of Thommen backup instruments on which so many civil and military aircraft users rely so heavily.
The Group now employs more than a 100 specialists and combines the different types of expertise necessary to provide the global solutionsin OEM and MRO required by the leading players in the aircraft industry such as Airbus, Bell, Sikorsky etc…

Sathom will now take over manufacture of all the products which have contributed to the worldwide renown of Thommen Instruments, such as altimeters, airspeed indicators, aircraft clocks and chronographs.
All Thommen engineers and technicians involved in this activity have been taken on by Sathom. The activity will be transferred to brand new premises also located in Waldenburg, Switzerland mid-July.

Repair and maintenance of these products will be taken over by Satori. This medium-sized French company with a strong reputation in the MRO field should as a result experience strong growth and create new jobs for technicians in the near future.

Didier Cochu

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